break your fast with a googy egg or two


My girls have been providing me and my friends tummy’s with wonderful health giving eggs for the last 2 years. They and their divine bright orange yolk treats will be truly missed as I am moving now to a backyard that cannot house them. Thankfully they are going to greener pastures and hopefully they will be able to roam free without causing too much havoc in their new garden.

If you don’t know the secret to a good boiled egg, let me share it with you. I have the talented Jamie Oliver to thank for helping me master the art. Have your googy eggs at room temp. Get the water boiling but not going berserk, add a pinch of salt, gently lower you precious eggs into the water. Allow 5 minutes for soft, 71/2 minutes for medium and 10 minutes for hard. Tuck into them straight away or else they will keep cooking in the shell.

Still one of the most satisfying and nourishing ways to start the day. Oh and its goes without saying – don’t forget the soldiers – oh and should i add? Soldiers just aint soldiers without some organic butter!!

food for the soul – vegos and yogis you are gonna love this place


Sweet and cosy. Nourishing Quarter located on Cleveland St in Redfern Sydney. I am a dumpling devotee so i would like to tell you about the other items on the menu but the dumplings and the pic of Queen Elizabeth had captured my attention. There would be way more vegetarians if this food was more readily available. Enjoy! And be sure to wander out the back and check out what is hidden out there.

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Food Media Courses at TAFE Ultimo


I will be teaching two Food Media Courses at TAFE Ultimo, NSW – this is the first time this course has been run and I am so excited about it as it is a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce some of my Home Economics training back into the NSW TAFE system. The course will be run over 3 weeks – 94 hours.

Our proposed dates are November 24 -December 16 2012 and Jan 9-27,2013. Numbers are limited so be sure to register you interested ASAP.

I have written the Recipe Writing and Food Styling Modules of the course and will be teaching the entire course which also includes Demonstration Techniques.

To register you interest go to:

I look forward to seeing you there.


After Mamasitas stroll down to Madame Brussels


This is officially one of the best bars I have ever been to and I really should be keeping it a secret. Hidden above street level in Melbourne city, is a hidden gem called Madame Brussells. I still cant decide what was my favourite thing about the place, the very helpful eye candy male and female staff in cute tennis outfits, the astro turf, the blankies and hot water bottles for those when the sun goes down, the delicious cocktails (or in my case mocktails), the rock your socks cheese platter or the to fly all the way back to Melbourne for Chicken Liver Pate.

If you are lucky enough to be a Melbournian check out their Parlour Program. You can find them at Level 3, 59-63 Bourke Street Melbourne